Hackers Review

  • Author: Trickster Arts
  • Publication Date: 01-08-2017
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Apr 23, 2020


Since the topic of cybersecurity is becoming more and more prominent, it is no wonder that it has already made its way into the world of mobile gaming. In Hackers, you’ll have to keep your network as secure as possible to prevent other players from hacking it. The game is available for Android devices for free from Google Play.

Concept 3/5

The idea of a game where you have to hack other people’s networks and protect your own is, without a doubt, fresh and innovative. With proper implementation, Hackers could’ve become a unique game that would’ve had the potential to amass a cult following. However, the developers behind Hackers chose the easy way and basically made it into another strategy game, albeit with a fancier premise.

Building your own network involves gathering resources that can later be spent on upgrades and new elements. As you level up, you unlock new network components that allow for more elaborate designs that will hopefully prevent other players from hacking into your home network. You can also invest in special programs to attack networks built by other players. However, when it comes to the actual “hacking”, there is hardly any creativity involved, as you’re just an idle bystander watching the program work its magic.

Visuals 4/5

The graphics in Hackers were obviously inspired by the flashy “high-tech” visuals we’re used to from sci-fi games and shows. While this visual style may be appealing to some gamers, I couldn’t help but feel that Hackers tries too hard to emulate that visual aesthetic. Behind the neon glow and mysterious black network components, there isn’t much originality, and the visuals start to feel boring and familiar very quickly. This may not bother you at all if you enjoy the gameplay, but there’s no denying that the graphics are not going to improve your opinion of the game if you’re already struggling with its other aspects.

Thrill 3/5

Depending on how often you play strategy games, you may find Hackers very appealing or not worth your time at all. Casual players who don’t have much experience with the genre can enjoy Hackers as it does have most features of a good strategy game. However, those who’ve played games like Clash of Clans before Hackers are likely to find the gameplay predictable and lacking originality or innovation.

Controls 5/5

There isn’t much going on in the controls department of Hackers, so there’s not much to say about them except that they are pretty precise and intuitive. You won’t have any trouble interacting with the game even if you’re not very tech-savvy, and there’s virtually no learning curve to the game’s interface.

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