Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Review

  • Developer: Supercell
  • Size: 130M
  • Version: 13.0.25
Apr 24, 2020

Having been around for almost a decade now, Clash of Clans has still managed to stay one of the most popular mobile games. As a Clan leader, you can work on developing your village, train your troops, and battle all kinds of enemies. You can download Clash of Clans for your Android phone or tablet for free from Google Play.

Concept 5/5

Some strategy games may be too complex and intimidating to casual gamers, but Clash of Clans manages to keep the complexity at bay, slowly introducing new gameplay elements as you progress through the game. If you look at a screenshot of a high-level Clash of Clans village, you could easily get overwhelmed by all the different things going on there, but the game does give you a lot of time to get adjusted and master all the aspects.

As your village grows stronger and more advanced, you’ll discover more enemies lurking nearby, looking to attack you and your people. Fortunately, you can train various troops to defend your village and bring back the spoils of war. In addition to troops, you can also deploy all kinds of weapons and fortifications, including several types of walls, powerful bombs, and clever traps. All these units can be powered up and upgraded at the cost of time and resources, so you’ll need to prioritize and work out a strategy for your battles.

Visuals 4/5

Graphics may not be the most important aspect of a strategy game, but they’re still pretty crucial to the overall playing experience. The visuals in Clash of Clans are colorful, fun, and somewhat cartoonish, which is always a good choice, especially given that the game is played on mobile devices. However, the interface does feel a little cluttered sometimes, particularly if you’re playing Clash of Clans on a smaller device.

Thrill 5/5

Playing Clash of Clans is bound to feel fresh and exciting for a very long time, as there are many buildings, units, and resources to discover and explore. Once you’re done with that, you can still participate in limited-time events and battle other players to climb up the rankings. All in all, there’s a lot to do in Clash of Clans, and the battles can get very challenging, so you can count on this game to keep you entertained for dozens of hours.

Controls 5/5

With so much going on on the screen, you need precise controls to efficiently navigate and manage your village. Fortunately, that’s exactly what Clash of Clans provides, so you’ll have no trouble interacting with the game. If you have at least some experience with other mobile games, there won’t be any learning curve to the controls in Clash of Clans, as they’re very intuitive and rely on familiar gestures such as tapping, swiping, and pinching.

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