Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 Review

  • Developer: ninja kiwi
  • Size: 58M
  • Version: 14.3
Feb 07, 2020

Bloons TD 6, the latest smash hit from the series, is a funny tower defense strategy game by Ninja Kiwi that will surely get you addicted in one day. This epic and well-thought game looks like chaos on your smartphones’ screens, but you can’t resist playing it and become a part of this crazy colorful world.

Concept – 4/5

This eye-catching, crazy game does not have a sophisticated plot. Instead, it features light-hearted and diverse gameplay with mischievous characters without any deep meaning. There are many aspects to be admired-hilarious characters, different gameplay, or a crazy and fast game.

This eye-catching game does not have a deep meaning. Instead of depicting the secret revenge or promise of the monkeys or telling a story about their self-doubting, the goal is very straightforward. All you need is to defend your towers from the bright-colored balloons. Along with its magic, Bloons TD 6 has 21 huge and improved towers.

Players will be able to select the three paths for the towers. They can also choose from eight monkeys, all-powerful with different abilities to beat all newer balloons. To deal with new threats, you are provided with more tools with options for upgrades.

The game allows you to unlock new skins, and there is the single-player offline mode to offer you an amazing escape from reality for a few hours without the need for an Internet connection.

Visuals – 4.5/5

The latest part comes a long way from the release of Bloons TD 1 that was a simple 2D game without gameplay variety. The latest installment is cartoonish but good looking. The vivid colors of balloons and cartoons enhance the visual appeal of the game. Bloons TD 6 features all your favorite towers and costume changing monkeys, making the game interesting. The different maps have backdrops with diverse patterns and themes giving a fresh feeling as you progress through the game. The music, sound effects, and voice work help enhance your gaming experience. Overall, the developers have made enough efforts to make it a pretty decent visual and auditory experience.

Thrill – 4.5/5

Bloons TD 6 is one of the speediest games, and even advanced players will find it a bit challenging. It is difficult to play on the small screens if you have not played similar games before. To learn the controls, you need to practice watching your monkey and enemies without getting distracted by vivid colors surrounding you. It would be difficult to make through the basic levels without ignoring these bright distractions. A lot is happening in Bloons’ battles making it messy, chaotic, and difficult at the same time. Bloons TD 6 will keep you on your toes due to the increasing complexity and number of enemies in later levels.

Controls – 4/5

The controls of Bloons TD 6 are straightforward and standard just like in other Android games, and you can easily learn them. With easy to navigate menus, the placement and selection of monkeys is not at all complicated. The only gripe is that everything looks a little bigger; you need to scroll down a menu rather than having it fitted for small screens. The large display is a major upgrade from previous Bloons installments, but it is easier to manage. Overall, the UI scaling is better than the previous ones.


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