The Sims FreePlay

The Sims FreePlay Review

  • Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS
  • Size: 34M
  • Version: 5.50.1
Apr 16, 2020

If you love quality life sim games, you have probably spent many an hour playing one of the world’s most recognized and acknowledged simulations – The Sims. The Sims FreePlay is a freemium mobile product that offers its players the most elaborate gameplay with tons of awesome customization features. Design your dream place, give it a luxury look, evolve your beloved character, help them build a successful career, and let them live the life you have chosen for them – all completely for free.

Concept 5/5

This extremely addictive mobile game treats you to some of the finest life simulation experiences ever. In this game, you get a chance to create and decorate your dream house, build romantic and friendly relations, pursue exciting careers, and have tons of fun. The Sims FreePlay allows you to start and raise your virtual family, land a dream job, adopt new skills, learn, socialize, make new friends, and do much more.

By completing small side quests, you will earn in-game currency, which you can then invest in designing the home of your dreams. Carrying out special limited-time tasks will get you even more points that you can go and spend on purchasing new neat outfits and stuff for your characters. Likewise, if you ignore your character’s needs or fail to take good care of those, you will have to face some unpleasant in-game consequences.

Visuals 4/5

With every new release, the game has been getting more graphically appealing and visually advanced. For a freemium game, the quality of the graphical representation in the Sims FreePlay is admirable. The vibrant color palette chosen here makes it extremely hard to pull away from the screen for even a second. Everything in this game - from 3D animations to house and venue decor - looks sleek, and even the smallest items are well-thought-out. However, many players have pointed out that the Sims themselves seem to be much less customizable than in the paid mobile version.

Thrill 4/5

While the game has a distinctive Sims flair about it, in many ways, it feels like something entirely new and unexplored. This freemium mobile game is geared towards earning points by performing various tasks, which is the only way to proceed in the freemium game unless you are willing to pay. The problem with these tasks is that they might take you forever to complete, thus killing all the fun.

Controls 4/5

The game is properly optimized to give you a decent and steady touchscreen playing experience. The controls are responsive enough, even though it might not feel the same as playing it on your PC. If you have never played a Sims game before, finding your bearings in the Sims FreePlay should not be too troublesome.

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