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Plague Inc. Review

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Feb 18, 2020

Miniclip’s Plague Inc. is a strategy game with elements of simulation. With graphics close to real-world scenarios and friendly UI, the game introduces the players with step by step instructions on how a pathogen infects the whole world. The game is realistic, but it should not be taken as a scientific model of how actual viral infections would unfold.

Concept – 4.5/5

Fans of deadly virus movies will definitely like this simulation and strategy game where players aren’t actually saving the world. Instead, their goal is to wipe mankind off the world map. However, this is very difficult as humans will constantly invent ways to fight your plague. 

At first, players will start as a bacterium, virus or parasite. As they begin playing, they can add free or paid genetic mutations to their bacteria strain to make it deadlier. Next, you will make your first strategic decision about the origin country of your “patient zero”. You should keep in mind that unlike third-world countries, developed nations have better access to medical care, and they will detect the virus soon. Therefore the point of origin, as well as the technique (water, ports, meat, etc.), should be taken into account. Once your disease is unleashed, you must help your creation by spending “DNA points” to develop a strategy for its maximum effects. You must make your viral creation more lethal before the World community reacts and eradicates it.

Visuals – 4.5/5

Plague Inc. is unique with amazing graphics and creepy sound effects. Its highly polished UI and stunning high definition graphics make it eviler where you are planning to annihilate humanity. Its hyper-realistic and exhaustive world featuring advanced AI will enhance your gaming experience. The game has amazingly eerie music along with announcements that signal various milestones and events such as victims couching, countries shutting down airports, natural disasters happening, etc. The visuals and music make you feel like a real evil strategist holding a biological weapon to kill millions of people. Different random events happening throughout the game make it more realistic and educational, although it does not dramatize serious issues.  

Thrill – 4.5/5

Most virus simulation games rely on their concept and ability to immerse players in roleplaying situations that could not happen in real life. Plague Inc. took this idea to an extreme, allowing its players to become a disease and kill millions of people. Not intended for faint-hearted, the game offers one of a kind experience. Amid the recent Coronavirus threat, the popularity of this pandemic strategy game just renewed. It is becoming relevant day by day, and gamers are turning towards Plague Inc. to learn about the evolution of a pathogen as it infects the world. Various medical organizations around the world including the Centre for Disease Control have recognized Plague Inc. as an informative tool to learn about the spread of a virus or disease.

Controls – 4/5

Players will start off by spreading the disease over fifty countries, and you will earn DNA points by infecting one at a time. With 12 different viral infections, various world events happening randomly, your main task is to strategize. Each country has a different climate, and you must evolve your pathogen accordingly. Here the game becomes challenging.

Players can change difficulty settings in the game, and as the game progresses, they will unlock different diseases, including the Symbian infection from the movie the Planet of the Apes. The game allows saving/load functionality with scoreboards, achievements, cure rates, and virus characteristics such as disease, symptoms, abilities, and transmission.

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