Episode - Choose Your Story

Episode - Choose Your Story Review

  • Developer: Episode Interactive
  • Size: 95M
  • Version: 12.10.0+gn
Apr 20, 2020

Episode – Choose Your Story is a fabulous visual novel game with over 100,000 text-based stories to live through. Currently, this is one of the most trending teen-geared life and relationship simulation games that allows players to choose a storyline to follow. They can also adjust the looks and the personality of their characters, help their chosen heroes make life-altering decisions, as well as create their unique content and share it with other fans.

Concept 5/5

The app allows you to live a virtual life as a character of your favorite story. Even though players are called readers here, you are not a passive onlooker, but a person who makes all the important decisions that will alter your character’s life and affect all the different aspects of the gameplay. Based on what life choices you tell your character to make, there can be multiple endings to the same story, which means you can continue playing it until you have tried and seen everything.

There are over 100,000 interactive stories in the game spanning a variety of genres, which range from pure teenage romance to nerve-wracking drama to spine-chilling horror and murder solving, each comes with its unexpected twists and a set of life-changing choices to make. You can design your avatar and give it the personality you like; once the character is ready, you will have to guide him or her through the story, helping make hard and important decisions.

Visuals 4/5

There are no mind-blowing 3D graphics in Episode - Choose Your Story since this is not what this game is all about. The 2D visuals you can see here, while altogether admirable and vibrantly colorful, are more of an accessory aid to make it easier for you to absorb the text content. Still, everything looks glossy and polished enough to make your heart race faster with every new turn of the page.

Thrill 5/5

There is so much great playable content to discover in the Episode that your interaction with the game can go on forever. Once you have finished reading a novel, feel free to start it over and see what an alternative ending can be. If you feel creative, design a story of your own with an absorbing plot, well-rounded characters, and as many head-spinning twists as you like, and let the world enjoy playing it.

Controls 5/5

The player’s interaction with the game is limited to reading the lines on the screen and tapping on the ones that they think their characters should say and do next or swiping the screen from side to side to make their avatars try on some cool outfits. Apart from this on-demand tapping and swiping, you remain just a reader with little power to manipulate the process.

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