• Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS
  • Size: 55.2 MB
  • Version: 2.2.14
Apr 14, 2020


Tetris is a fun and exciting playable application that will give you hours of joy and relaxation whenever you need to take your mind off things and forget about the daily hustle. If you are looking for a well-rounded and attractive Tetris game on your Android to keep you entertained during your commute time, this one will do the job excellently.

Concept 4/5

There is no brand-new concept behind this mobile version of the world’s most popular and beloved arcade game. It is the same old Tetris that you have known and played for your entire life. Even though this particular mobile rendition cannot boast many innovations in terms of gameplay, such as unusually shaped blocks or speed enhancers, it does not mean you cannot have the time of your life when playing it. All the classic, time-tested gameplay elements have remained unchanged, but the upgraded colorful visuals and the skillful implementation of new themes, avatars, and other customization options are much appreciated.

The developers are reportedly thinking about introducing a multiplayer mode later to let you share the fun with your friends. Should such a feature be realized, it would give the gameplay a long-awaited boost and make this mobile version of Tetris a hands-down winner.

Visuals 5/5

The overall graphic design of the new Tetris mobile app for Androids introduced by N3TWORK Inc. is delightful, with sharp and clean lines and rich, saturated colors that make the game a true eye-pleaser. Its wide selection of themes and images is a treat too: you can choose from five different background styles and as many as 50 fun avatars to personalize the playing experience and make your interaction with the game more enjoyable. That much customization is what makes this particular Tetris rendition a worthy member of the arcade game family.

Thrill 3/5

The new mobile interpretation of the beloved classic game is excellent, even if its freshness is only limited to better graphics, new maps and themes, and a broader collection of avatars. People who have never tried a Tetris game before are sure to feel thrilled and instantly addicted to it; however, those who have played it for decades will not see much difference beyond the game's aesthetically pleasing interface design.

Controls 5/5

Tetris plays exceptionally well on newer Android smartphones but can sometimes get laggy on older devices. The touchscreen approach is implemented nicely to let you get the most out of your Tetris adventure anywhere, any time. The responsiveness to the touch is well-optimized, so rotating and moving blocks is super easy. The overall navigation within the game is also uncomplicated.

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