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Gacha Studio Review

  • Publication Date: 01-08-2017
  • Size: 50.8 MB
Feb 07, 2019


Design your custom anime-styled avatars and dress them up according to your fashion sense! You can creatively come up with great outfit combinations while making selections from hundreds of pretty dresses, shirts, hairdos, hats, and other accessories.

Concept - 3/5

Gacha Studio will certainly appeal to you, most especially if you are a lover of fashion and anime as it entirely revolves around grooming. The game paves the way for your creativity and imagination as it gives you the opportunity to dress characters from scratch and customize their facial features. Once your character is ready, you can use functions in the Studio to model different scenes. To spice things up, you can add text bubbles and further personalize your creations. There are hundreds of cool backgrounds you can choose from as you design wonderful scenes. You are in for lots of fun as you collect unique pets and teach them in the Arena.

Visuals - 4/5

First and foremost, thumbs up to the developers for the excellent graphics. The choice of colors, shapes, and fonts gives the game such a neat interface. You are likely to be impressed by the illustrations used for different characters and pets. Seamless character movement gives you a satisfying user experience as there are no jarring breaks in the transitions. Devices with wider screens further enhance the beauty of the visuals as you can see small details more clearly.

Thrill - 3/5

Gacha Studio may not be an exceedingly thrilling game, but it is undoubtedly immersive, owing to the innumerable prospects as to what you can create. If you love experimenting and trying out new ideas, then this game will definitely capture your attention as you get caught up in designing new exciting creations. Boundless possibilities enhance the game’s replay value as you get to enjoy fresh experiences each time you come back to play again.

Controls - 4/5

The game is a masterpiece in terms of controls, all thanks to the ease with which you get to interact with various items and as you change your character’s position. When customizing your character, all you will be doing is clicking on different items such as hats and selecting the ones you desire to use. For some items, you will be dragging them into position, and this couldn’t get any easier.


  • Free to play, obtain prizes for free;
  • The gameplay elements are enthralling;
  • Wide selection of customizing features;
  • Impressive user interface and controls.


  • May lag when using some devices;
  • Some in-app purchases may seem unreasonably expensive.

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