Sudoku Free

Sudoku Free Review

  • Developer: AI Factory Limited
  • Size: 11M
  • Version: 1.514
Apr 06, 2020


Sudoku Free is a puzzle app that brings you this highly popular and entertaining game right to your mobile device. The app was developed by AI Factory Limited and has everything you may need to play Sudoku on the go. You can download Sudoku Free for your Android smartphone.

Concept 4/5

When it comes to the concept of Sudoku Free, it is quite obvious based on the title. If you are not familiar with the game, the idea is quite simple. You are given boards with several 3x3 squares that have numbers and blank spaces, and you need to type in numbers that are absent. The rule is that each side of the 3x3 square can’t have repeating numbers.

In Sudoku Free, you get access to 1500 Sudoku puzzles and there are 5 difficulty levels for you to choose from. You can also select the font and board art that you like from two options. When you play, you get different statistics so that you can see how much time it took for you to solve the puzzle and more. In the game, you have an opportunity to erase the number you have added, undo your action, get hints to help you progress, and also receive other board aids. Depending on your preferred playing style, the app also offers two different modes. Overall, the app offers a great Sudoku experience, as it’s convenient and well-adapted for both smartphones and tablets.

Visuals 5/5

In terms of the design, the Sudoku Free app is definitely great. It includes two sets of fonts and board art for you to choose from. The background colors in the Sudoku Free app are excellent as they are darker and muted. You don't have to stare at the glaring white screen or extremely bright colors that make your eyes tired. Instead, the game has a calming green background that is pleasant to look at for however long you decide to play.  The app doesn’t offer anything unusual or groundbreaking but there is no need for that for the game in this genre.

Thrill 3/5

When it comes to the thrill of the game, it’s definitely not an adrenaline-filled or exciting app. Sudoku Free is more on the meditative side and for the times when you want to challenge your mind and concentrate on something. It certainly makes you forget about the outside world because you have to focus on the puzzle, especially when levels get difficult. If you want to get absorbed into something, Sudoku Free is the way to go.

Controls 5/5

The game is extremely simple in terms of the controls. Because it’s a puzzle game for the mobile phone, all you need to do is tap on the section on the board where you want to add a number and type it in using your keyboard. There are also buttons such as undo and erase right at the bottom of the screen, so you won’t have any problems.

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