Ludo Online

Ludo Online Review

  • Developer: YoAmbulante Ltd
  • Size: 51.8 MB
  • Version: 1.7.1
Feb 13, 2020


Mr. Ludo, a casual entertainer, is a board game classic that is perfectly realized for smartphones bringing back our childhood memories. Players can enjoy this 3D multiplayer Ludo game in different environments with pals or against the computer. With cute emoticons, leaderboard, VIP status, offline support, and practice and expressive modes, you will feel you are playing Ludo on a real board.

Concept – 4.5/5

Mr. Ludo is your typical office working guy who wants to beat others by getting out of the office first because it's the weekend. It’s up to players now to end his workday and help him punch out early. But he can’t leave unless he rolls a six, and players must help him get home early without being sent back to the workplace.

Yo Ambulante Ltd’s new game is a modern-day twist to a classic board game played by millions. Gamers can play with the traditional four pieces (or just two pieces in Express mode), and they need to roll a six to exit their cubes and start sprinting around the board. They can bring “office politics” into the game by landing on the opponent’s square, send him back to his room, and move up the corporate ladder. After the workers get on the board, they must fully circle the board, enter the matching colored area, and roll the exact number to move to the center, and escape the office.

Visuals – 4.5/5

Ludo games tend to be very simple and generic. Still, Ludo Online dresses it up with a visually appealing office-based theme and offers it as a local and online multiplayer game. Its friendly interface, great graphics, mesmerizing locations, melodious music, and funny animations make it very popular. With its modern board, real dice throwing experience, solo and multiplayer support, computer players, and auto-saving features, Ludo Online is a fantastic game that you will want to play more and more.

Thrill – 4.5/5

Ludo Online has different modes, such as you can play the game without the internet connection in practice mode. If you don’t want to play a full game, try Express mode to bring just two pieces home. You can set the difficulty level of game characters — your easy opponent may not always take you off the board. Still, your medium and hard antagonists have better strategies to defeat you. This game is free to play and offers in-app purchases.

Controls – 4/5

Interestingly players need to clear the single-player challenge to unlock local multiplayer mode. With five levels: first day, probation, promotion, shares, and retirement of the single-player mode, players can easily learn the rules of the game before playing it against friends. Ludo Online consists of easy controls and gameplay. Just like a classic board game, every player will have four pieces, a starting area, and a dice, and they would need to get all four pieces to the finish line.


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