Go Free

Go Free Review

  • Developer: AI Factory Limited
  • Size: 30M
  • Version: 2.23
Feb 11, 2020


Like many great games such as Chess, Go is a social phenomenon where you need players, tournaments, clubs, etc. This Far Eastern game has a long, fascinating, and distinguished history, and its true fans will never get bored of the game. To celebrate its existence, AI Factory Limited released an elusive abstract strategy Go/Baduk gem with plenty of content within one board game.

Concept – 4.5/5

Two players will play the game on a 19-by-19 grid board. They can select between black or white stone, but black makes the first move. Gamers need to place their stones on the intersections of the board, leaving the empty spaces, and try to beat the opponent by building more territories. Any stone placed on the board can’t be moved. If a player is able to take up more than fifty percent of the board, he will win. In a tournament setting, it would take up to six hours to finish this game.

While the players are working to surround as much territory as possible, these stones can be captured. For instance, black stones can circle around a white one, capture it, and put it in “prison” till the end of the game. However, capturing a stone is not simple, and players can utilize different strategies to minimize their loss. Stunning graphics and sound effects are not the focus of this curious intellectual pastime, but content and strategy is.

Visuals – 4/5

Go Free is a fun board game integrating deeper thinking into the gameplay. There is something special about the mobile version of the 3000-year-old game. It is not cute and cuddly, but very visual and language free. Players will take turns placing stones, which also create paths to follow on the board. With excellent graphics, players’ moves happen quickly, and a one-touch button shows the stats of both players. With the menu and points score at the top, the rest of the buttons are placed at the bottom of the screen. Its minimalistic buttons and UI won’t make you feel overwhelmed when you are trying to get a good grasp of the game. With high-quality components and a simple color palette, this game surely draws people's eyes.

Thrill – 4.5/5

This game offers the ultimate experience of a thinking game. With a hot-seat mode with two players, different rules and difficulty scales, intensive tutorials, Go Free is an elegant brain-burning game. The board’s general-purpose grid and stones can be used to play different abstract strategy games such as Connect6, Pente, etc. The game appeals to anyone with its streamlined rules and bare-bone basics and may serve as an appetizer at your game night.

Controls – 4/5

The mechanics of this abstract strategy board game are simple, but the practical strategy is complex. The ultimate thinking game has been designed to help people learn and master the ancient Go/Baduk game. Go Free follows the same design-a 19x19 grid board with nine marked points that serve as reference points. Players will alternatively make the moves by using the button at the bottom of the screen with the objective to control territory or capture the opponent's stone(s).

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