Chess Review

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  • Size: 6.3M
  • Version: 1.3.6
Apr 10, 2020


Chess by is an entertaining and intellectually fulfilling multiplayer mobile chess game for Android devices. This free to play app boasts rich functionality, beautifully designed 2D and 3D visuals, and tons of additional online and offline options, all supported by the game’s simple and intuitive navigation.

Concept 5/5

Chess by gives you plenty of freedom in choosing how you want to play the game. Thus, you can choose to play the white or the black pieces, challenge your friends to join you via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or go against the game’s smart AI and play it offline. With 10 difficulty levels that range from novice to grandmaster, you will easily find something to match your skills and abilities.

One of the most distinct advantages of the game that singles it out from other similar apps is that there are over 38.000 puzzles spanning 13 different sections, so you will never feel the lack of something fun and challenging to try here. What makes the game especially convenient is that you can play it as and when you like. The offline mode is perfect for novice players who need to find their feet before taking on any real chessers; it is also convenient when the Internet connection is down. The online mode enables you to meet players from all around the world. You can also use Bluetooth to connect with your friends and arrange local tournaments.

Visuals 5/5

In terms of its visual representation, Chess by deserves high praise. You can choose what you want your chess board and piece sets to look like, adjust their colors and size according to your needs, and even switch between the 2D and 3D modes to see which one works best for you.

The music is generally nice and unobtrusive, so you will not be distracted from the situation that is unfolding on the chessboard. However, if you need some peace and quiet to focus on your strategies, the music can easily be turned off in the game settings.

Thrill 5/5

It does not matter whether you are an aspiring chesser who wants to make sense of the game rules, an experienced chess enthusiast looking to further hone his skills at this millennia-old game, or a professional player who cannot miss his regular practice even when on the move - the new updated version of the mobile Chess game should be a welcome addition to your smartphone app library.

Controls 4/5

Learning how to use the app’s touchscreen controls and make the most use of its cool options may take you a while as the learning curve here is a bit steeper than in other mobile chess apps. To make the process easier for you, there is a detailed step-by-step manual teaching you all the essentials.

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