Secrets, T...

  • Akesh Partel
  • 12 Feb 2018
Secrets, T...

The game KleptoCats involved adorable cats looking for trinkets out in the world. They would also fill the room after room with strange junk. As you collect more and more items, it becomes quite predictable that the protagonist in the game is in a strange situation with no chance of a breakout. Now get your hands on KleptoCats 2 which unveils many mysteries in its compelling gameplay. 

As of now, the game has quite a limited scope. There are three rooms in the game and filling them is quite easy. All you have to do is to send the cats on various missions regularly. The main of the game, as of now, is to make the cats collect gems and pieces of the puzzle. These puzzle pieces are associated with individual cats. Thus, on completing the portrait, you get to see some scenes from the life of the cat. When it comes to gems, they can only be bought one time in a day. The seller of these gems is Gem Dog. Collect 15 gems to get a new cat. If you are playing the gameplay of early access version of KleptoCats 2 and want to pet all the kitties, here are some tricks, secrets and tips to help you in your endeavour.

Refrain Yourself from Spending Unnecessarily

There are coins in the game and they are used for many purposes. Spending your coins totally depends on what you want from the gameplay. In case, if you are looking forward to purchasing puzzle pieces and fill the rooms with it, the game will encourage you to spend more and more coins to send many of your cats to look for puzzle pieces.
However, it is advised to only send one cat at a time. You can also send two cats when you have filled all the rooms and you believe that chances of cats returning with cash are higher.

Dealing with Gem Dog

KleptoCats2 gameplay

The Gem Dog offers you deals on gems purchase. However, this takes place only once in a day. You need to make some tough decision on how you handle the gems. This is so because the prices of Gem Dog drill a big hole in your pocket. Sometimes, you get the gems for free. Other times, one gem will cost you thousands of coins. The price hike becomes worse as you progress in the game. But remember, you don’t pay for the gems so much as you pay to get them quickly. If you buy a gem one at a time, you’re stuck for two weeks to get your hands on a new cat.

Thus, make sure to earn enough coins to make your biggest purchase from Gem Dog. Do it by sending cats out, watching ads, etc. However, you won’t be able to spend your coins on anything else. On the whole, it depends on how fast you wish to play the game.

Tap the Poop

In its recent update, the game added poop to all rooms. So, when you see a pile of poop, tap on it to collect one or two coins.

The Gem Safe

Go to settings and find a safe. You can open this safe with a code. This code changes on periodic bases and the past codes have been found on the Google’s Play Store page of the game. Keep an eye on the page for new codes. Use them to open the safe to collect more gems.