Minecraft Review

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Jan 03, 2019


Explore endless worlds, treating yourself to thrilling adventures while making exciting discoveries. Create anything you can possibly visualize, from simple abodes to majestic castles. Play in the creative mode where you live out your imaginations or survive the antagonistic world in the survival mode.

Concept - 4/5

Minecraft has been designed to give you the freedom of choosing what you want to play and how you are going to play. Whether on land or underwater, boundless worlds are awaiting you to discover. Two different modes, Creative and Survival, give you the choice of whether to create your own charming story or play against hostile mobs who are out to destroy you. In each mode, you can play alone or with friends, and the experience only gets better with them. Embark on treasure hunts and solve quests to find hidden objects. As you find different materials, you can use them to craft weapons with which you can fight off malicious enemies.

Visuals - 5/5

The developers have done an impressive job with the graphics: everything is made of the now iconic 3D blocks, including the characters. It is quite surprising, really, what they managed to achieve with such an approach. Even though everything you see is rough around the edges and entirely unrealistic, you can’t help but gaze in awe at some of the scenery the game manages to produce. The port to mobile didn’t seem to suffer in terms of graphics, which is a big plus.

Thrill - 4.5/5

Minecraft, to a great extent, is a thrilling game that is fun to play. An example of an electrifying experience is the Survival mode where you fight off aggressive mobs as they come running after you. With the option of shaping the game to your liking, there are endless ways you can play and give yourself a whole new experience each time you come back to have some fun.

Controls - 4/5

On-screen controls have been placed ideally on the screen. Moreover, control elements have been made almost entirely transparent, leaving you with as little screen obstruction as possible. Holding a button on the virtual direction pad enables you to move and change directions easily. A single button is placed on the bottom right corner of the interface for the execution of actions. The bottom center part is reserved for items in your inventory. It’s remarkable how the developers managed to fit everything on the screen without hindering the experience.


  • Unleashes your creativity;
  • Offers cross-platform support;
  • You can play with your friends in multiplayer mode;
  • The game controls are simple to learn.


  • May lag on less than top-tier hardware;
  • Some players experience crashes.

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