Granny Review

  • Developer: DVloper
  • Size: 100M
  • Version: 1.7.3
Feb 01, 2019

Can you escape from killer granny’s house without getting noticed? Drop an object or make any sound, and she will get you. You can hide in the wardrobe or under the bed and get a shot at escaping the horrifying premises.

Concept - 4/5

Granny is a horror game that starts with a scene where you are locked up in a room by a killer old woman who intends to finish you off in five days. It is up to you to find the keys to the door, which are in the very room that you are locked in. However, the granny is very alert, and so you have to move around in absolute stealth. If she gets you, she will hit you, and you become unconscious until the next day. As each day passes, you are running out of time; and if you fail to escape within the five days, she will tie you up and kill you by smashing you against the wall with her car.

Visuals - 3/5

Visuals elements are simple yet stunning and excel in conveying that horror sensation as intended by the developers. Detailed graphics enhance the terror of the house and the various objects in it. The game gives you an option of adjusting the darkness in the room, perhaps for a more intense thrilling experience. While the graphics are not of the highest fidelity (probably to let more devices run the game), they get the job done.

Thrill - 4.5/5

Being a horror game, Granny is very thrilling. This feeling is accentuated by the tense soundtrack and the creaking sounds of opening doors. The game gives you an adrenaline rush as it challenges you to escape without being noticed by the malicious granny. Well, you are likely to be caught in your first attempts before mastering the strategies of evading death. This is the kind of game that you will play over and over, and the excitement will not subside.

Controls - 4/5

The game has only three controls you get to use when playing. You can easily move around and change the direction you are facing, thanks to the responsive joystick-like controls with adjustable sensitivity. There is a dedicated button that enables you to stand or squat and is positioned on the upper part of the screen for easy accessibility without obstructing the view. Whenever you can perform a contextual action (like picking up an item), you will see a handy prompt.


  • Simple and efficient controls;
  • Simplistic but effective graphics;
  • Keeps you engaged for the game’s entirety;
  • The uncomplicated premise really works for the game.


  • The game contains irritating ads;
  • The story is short.

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