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Jan 24, 2019


Play as a little mouse in an environment full of dangerous animals who happen to be other players. Scavenge for food and water and avoid being turned into another animal’s dinner. Climb up the food chain as you become bigger and bigger.

Concept - 3/5

The idea in the game is to keep away from danger even as you fend for yourself and grow until you become the top predator in the wild. It is a matter of survival of the fittest. As you grow, you can attack and eat animals that are smaller than you, but look out for bigger predators. You get to learn the capabilities of each animal, and this places you in a better position of either evading a predator or launching an attack on prey. You can select a different animal as you level up, with available selections including a chicken, a shrimp, and a chipmunk.

Visuals - 3/5

The visuals in this game could be rated as average. Illustrations used for animal characters are quite simplistic, and you will struggle to identify which animal is which unless you read the tags. The screen appears crowded with many objects and so much happening at the same time. However, the main page is neat, and various visual elements effectively communicate with the player. When playing, some names of other players are not easily readable.

Thrill - 2.5/5 will give you a fair gaming experience that is devoid of noteworthy thrill. When you start the game as a tiny animal, it is to some extent exciting trying to hide from huge opponents to avoid being eaten. The experience is similar when your animal grows, and you get to go for animal hunts in the wild. With the lags still in place, the game gradually becomes unexciting and offers you low replay value.

Controls - 2/5

Controls on mobile devices are not the best they can be, especially with the constant lags. When moving your animal, all you do is hold and drag it in the direction you want, and that’s all you do in terms of controls. Move the animals to where food is, and they will eat it automatically. If the game had an eat or attack control button, it would be more fun and challenging than it currently is.


  • Play with thousands of friends in real time;
  • Interesting concept;
  • Has multi-platform support for Android and iOS devices;
  • There are no in-app purchases.


  • No offline mode offered;
  • Contains ads;
  • Constant lags that ruin the experience.

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