Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor Review

  • Developer: tinyBuild
  • Size: 29M
  • Version: 1.0
Jan 23, 2019

Hello Neighbor is an exciting adventure game where you get to unravel your neighbor’s mysteries by sneaking into his house and finding out what awful secrets he's concealing in his basement. Your neighbor notices every move you make and acts accordingly.

Concept - 4/5

The game is meant to offer you a stealth horror sensation which increases as you advance from one Act (level) to another. In the first Act, you start out as a curious kid who happens to see his evil neighbor lock up a person in his basement. The second Act features you as the victim desperately trying to find their way out of the basement. In the third Act, you are now an adult that reappears to face the sinister neighbor who by this time has fixed up his house into a monstrous fortress. As you play, the AI studies your tactics based on every move you make, and your neighbor becomes smarter in terms of how to catch you. There are tricky puzzles to be solved and lots of traps to be evaded.

Visuals - 4/5

Hello Neighbor has captivating visuals thanks to the creativity in designing the user interface and creating the animations. Color tone and texture used are quite appropriate, and at first, they lead you into thinking that this is a carefree game. When you find out that it’s quite the opposite, it creates a surprisingly fitting contrast that elevates the experience. For a free game, the visuals are certainly fascinating.

Thrill - 4/5

If you enjoy some nerve tickling when playing, then Hello Neighbor is an excellent match for you. Each level you play is immersive and generously serves you some chills as you try to unravel a hidden mystery while avoiding being caught by the creepy neighbor. When he ends up catching you, and you have to find a way to lose him, the rush sure sends those shudders down your spine! As to replay value, you can try different strategies in evading your neighbor and have a new experience each time you play the game.

Controls - 4/5

Such an adventure game with complex approaches will typically have convoluted controls, but that’s not the case for Hello Neighbor. The controls have been greatly simplified in such a way that you can move your character with ease and interact with different objects without difficulty. For example, you tap an item to collect it, and you drag your finger on the screen to change the direction of your character. Everything else in-between works just as effortlessly. It is evident that the developers have done an amazing job with the controls.


  • Easy to use controls;
  • No annoying ads;
  • Attractive user interface and graphics;
  • Advanced AI to contest with;
  • The gameplay never ceases to be exciting.


  • You may experience glitches depending on the device;
  • The story falls flat.

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