• Developer: Lowtech Studios
  • Size: Varies with device
  • Version: Varies with device
Jan 15, 2019

There was once a game popular on old phones such as the Nokia 3310. This game had you, a snake, chasing and eating pellets to grow in size until you grew long enough to self-destruct. is heavily reminiscent of Snakes, turning simple mechanics into a fun and memorable game.

Concept - 4.5/5

At first, looks like a copycat or potential spin-off of the now archaic Snakes game. However, instead of only growing in size, the game features other similar snakes moving around in the same arena, hoping to be the longest and largest in mass. As you control your snake, you should avoid bumping into other snakes or the boundaries of the arena; otherwise, you’ll be converted into glowing pellets equal to your mass. If an opponent hits you, they’ll be turned into pellets which you can feed on. You can occasionally use boosters to increase your speed as you try to avoid enemies. Using these boosters will cause your mass to turn into pellets; therefore, you need to replenish quickly.

While this is an MMOG, you can play offline against bots. A good strategy while playing is circling your opponents until they bump into you.

Visuals - 4/5

The graphics are fun, colorful and cheery, quite appropriate for a snake-type game. The background which looks like scales never changes, and you’d think the developer could maybe use some background art to spice things up. There are many different colors of snakes helping differentiate players, but their design is overly generic. The color render and animated effects generally make the game lively, but the static background takes away from this effect.

Thrill - 3.5/5 is a game that’s difficult to hate. On the one hand, the game provides a simple experience that can be enjoyed on any device. On the other hand, you can’t help but wonder why the developers put in so little content. There’s nothing else the game has to offer other than eating pellets, growing in mass and repeating. The real fun comes in when you play against real players, which is an excellent incentive to play.

Controls - 4/5

It’s hard to tell whether the controls are just clunky or whether this has something to do with device optimization. On some devices, the game plays seamlessly, while on others it’s just a lag fest. You only need to move your snake around with your finger by swiping, which is quite appropriate for a game in this genre. It also helps you focus on the game, especially where you have to resort to finger acrobatics due to the unpredictability of snake movements.  


  • Simple gameplay;
  • Mostly adequate controls;
  • Competing against other players is fun;
  • Unique concept reminiscent of the old Snakes game.


  • The controls can be a problem on smaller screen devices;
  • Lacking in content.

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