Robbery Bob

Robbery Bob Review

  • Developer: Level Eight AB
  • Size: 42M
  • Version: 1.18.21
Jan 22, 2019


Everyone deserves a second chance, and Bob, fresh out the pen, is no different. But before Bob retires into a life of peace and tranquility, he has to pay his debt to the shadowy figure that breaks him out of jail by robbing anyone and anything in his path.

Concept - 4.5/5

Robbery Bob is a game of stealth. You have to break into people’s houses undetected and steal to repay your debt to the mastermind who broke you out of jail. The game provides 50 levels. You’ll start out stealing inexpensive and often trivial items from people’s homes. As the game progresses, you’ll find yourself in more intense situations such as robbing government complexes and other high-security areas.

There is a ‘hide’ icon which allows you to take cover if things get out of hand. The objective is to gain all the treasure and other goodies on the map before you get detected. The game’s first few levels take some getting used to, but everything is a breeze afterwards.

Visuals - 4/5

At a glance, the graphics aren’t much to write home about, as they lack fidelity and depth. You play the game from a top-down perspective which is an added advantage for the simple controls. Everything is bright and cartoony, ensuring that you never miss a laugh in this game. The sound effects are also quite comical, accentuating the visuals. Maybe the graphics were deliberately made, so plain to improve the game’s humorous effect.

Thrill - 4/5

Robbery Bob is a really fun game once you start playing. There is some sweet guilty pleasure derived from walking into homes and getting away with stealing. The difficulty increases manageably, so you’ll never feel like you’ve run straight into a brick wall with the learning curve. While you can grind out each level on your own, even the more difficult ones, purchasing a Shadow Bob for $1 can help you when you are completely stuck.

Controls - 4/5

The controls are generally intuitive, and icons are well laid out on the screen. On the left side is the direction pad and on the right are event buttons which you can use, say, to run away, hide, or even use a ‘ninja move.’ Most of it is repetitive, and once you’ve done it a couple of times, it becomes natural. Using the controls in a zoomed perspective isn’t possible, which works against you on some levels.


  • Has a fun premise.
  • Humorous concept and fun gameplay.
  • Has an easy learning curve.
  • The controls are mostly sufficient.


  • Cheesy graphics and dialogue.
  • Could use more levels.

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