Real Gangster Crime

Real Gangster Crime Review

  • Size: 96.6 MB
  • Version: 1.2
Jan 20, 2019


You’re probably wondering why GTA was trying to reinvent itself with this game. Well, it wasn’t. Real Gangster Crime looks a lot like GTA but feels nothing like it when you start playing.

Concept - 3.5/5

The model is totally similar to the GTA franchise. As a hustler in the faux New Vegas City, your mission is to be the biggest, toughest and most ruthless crime boss. On your way to the top, you’ll make lots of enemies, from local syndicate bosses, the police to Special Forces. As a car thief simulator game, you can steal cars, get guns and ammunition and even drive tanks and helicopters. There are specific mission objectives which you should complete. As you gain experience points, you level up.

Besides this, there isn’t much depth to the game other than shooting everyone on sight and wreaking as much havoc as possible.

Visuals - 3/5

This game looks more like a low budget version of GTA, and everything including the soundtrack and visual effects seems too stiff. The physics and mechanics on this game are awful. You have choppers driving into walls and not blowing up, and cars are crashing into barriers and not bulking. Map quality in this game isn’t the greatest, although a good amount of detail has been added to the open world.

Thrill - 2.5/5

This game is extremely lacking. Nothing about the gameplay can keep you riveted for more than a couple of minutes. The shooting feels clunky and sounds terrible, and you have a limited number of weapons that you can collect. Though the game has a storyline, it feels like an afterthought, and at times you are only playing for the sake of playing. The gameplay mechanics are literally the worst part about this game.

Controls - 4/5

There are plenty of on-screen controls, so you won’t get stuck with this game. The main button is for shooting displayed prominently on the right side of the screen. The UI is well optimized for the touchscreen, which makes finding and using everything easier. There is a direction pad on the left, while on top of the screen you’ll see other cues such as a map prompt and your current weapon. However, steering vehicles and helicopters is a terrible experience here.


  • Has a great progression system;
  • The open world decently crafted;
  • The controls are intuitive and, for the most part, responsive.


  • Shooting feels too stiff;
  • Lack of an established storyline which you play towards.

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