Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival Review

  • Developer: Kefir!
  • Size: Varies with device
  • Version: 1.15.1
Jan 14, 2019

Last Day on Earth seems like clickbait; after all, this game takes days, weeks, even months to level up. This is a really slow game, and you might not have the wit or patience to stick around to level 28 or 30 when the action starts to heat up.

Concept - 4/5

The plot reads like World War Z: an unknown virus breaks out and wipes out most of the world population. A small group resistant to the strain of the virus remains, and they fight back against the dead hordes which have turned into zombies. Your mission is to survive against the environment consisting of zombies, wild animals, weather, hunger, bandits, and other hostile elements. You can craft weapons, buildings, vehicles and other items for the ultimate goal of survival.

You’ll have to forage for everything including food, wood, and metal to craft tools, and build a base where you can store these items until you level up enough to join clans and factions. You also need to manage your inventory, as there many things you’ll pick up but might not need immediately but will make use of later.

Visuals - 3.5/5

Unfortunately, the visuals in this game do little to stand out. The game is played from an isometric perspective in an open world that doesn’t look too massive. The game has nice color and contrast, but very little depth to the whole experience. Nothing in the graphics shimmers, and the zombies look generic. There is a good amount of detail and new stuff to discover, which is a plus.  

Thrill - 3/5

It’s hard to see why this game is so popular, and yet when you start playing it’s equally as hard to ignore it. The progression system is awfully slow, so don’t expect to cruise through all the juicy stuff in a few hours. The game always provides something to work towards, which is an incentive to keep playing. On occasion, you might run into something unusual, for example, a plane that will provide crucial resources, but these instances are rare.

Controls - 4.5/5

The on-screen controls have been made fairly intuitive and easy to remember. There’s a direction pad on the left side of the screen and other icons for crafting, combat and the most important items in your inventory. With these on-screen controls, it becomes fairly easy to make your moves without having to go through tough button combinations. The controls are also aided by the lack of clutter and the well spaced out UI.


  • Offers content for months;
  • Gameplay is fairly unpredictable, thus adding to the thrill;
  • The controls are intuitive for the most part.


  • You could grind for months before getting to exciting levels;
  • The crafting system isn’t intuitive, and you can’t make it through certain levels without some items.

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