Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper Review

  • Developer: SQUARE ENIX Ltd
  • Size: 28M
  • Version: 1.7.128077
Jan 10, 2019


The Hitman franchise with the menacing Agent 47 as its core has been a massive hit with console gamers. Hitman Sniper on mobile is an entirely different experience, but not one that is any less fun or appealing.

Concept - 4.5/5

Hitman Sniper has you as Agent 47 take on a mission in Montenegro, with your handler Diana Burnwood giving you directions on your environment and targets. There are 150 missions and objectives which you play towards, meaning there is an impressive amount of gameplay to cover. However, mission status never changes from the villa in Montenegro; so as a caveat to old-time players, this might feel boring after a while. The game requires you to pick off targets one by one, usually with a major target surrounded by guards and other NPCs. With headshots and more skilled kills, you earn more points which you can use to upgrade your weaponry and other abilities such as exploding rounds. You can also craft new weapons by collecting different parts and the following intel from Diana.

Visuals - 4/5

This is far from the immersive 3D Hitman experience on a console or PC. The game is mostly played in a single environment, i.e., a villa with two side buildings, all 150 missions. However, the villa is intricately designed, with everything from glass facades that can be blown apart to Jacuzzis and laptops. There are a few glitches that you’ll notice, for example moving torsos without legs and characters running into walls like zombies, but the visuals are great for the most part.

Thrill - 4/5

The key attraction for any Hitman game is its sniping, and this game feels like it belongs to the Hitman franchise. You’ll have a field day taking out opponents with headshots and hearing the words “objective complete” by Diana, even as you test out new guns and finesse your abilities. The game is played in a single environment, an obvious letdown, but for mobile, it’s just as fun. The soundtrack and voice acting are also superb. The other drawback is how passive much of the action is, with NPCs and targets never engaging you.

Controls - 4/5

Focusing on targets might be the main problem with this game, especially on Android devices for which the game might not be optimized. Zooming and locking in on targets is quite fluid, however, unlike what you’d expect. With an uncluttered UI and responsive touch icons, the experience is quite enjoyable. The controls consist of simply swiping to change the point of view, pinching your screen to focus, and tapping on the associated on-screen button to fire or reload.


  • Easy and intuitive controls;
  • The graphics are quite solid;
  • Offers unlockable weaponry and over 150 different playable levels.


  • The surroundings and gameplay environment are repetitive;
  • Focusing on targets quickly can prove challenging with a touch screen.

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