Helix Jump

Helix Jump Review

  • Size: 33M
  • Version: 1.0.6
Jan 08, 2019


The first time you play Helix Jump, you’ll probably dismiss the game as just another platformer game that offers a very little thrill. The moment you discover how difficult it is to get that ball down the helix maze without falling onto the red sections will be your awakening.

Concept - 4/5

This game is as simple as they get. You start out each round with your ball on top of a helix labyrinth. The objective is to get the ball down this labyrinth without getting caught in the red platforms. You can only move the platforms on the helix left or right, and not the ball, making this one of the simplest games aesthetically that you’ll play. The style of play is endless, meaning there is no objective to play towards here. Each round that you complete unlocks a new one; therefore, this is a highly linear game. If you drop through three or more platforms at the same time, you can break through any red platform that you land on earning you more points.

Visuals - 4/5

The game is simple, and the graphics are minimalistic, maybe as a design of the game. There are lots of colors, but don’t expect to see much change in the scenery here. There are no special visual effects apart from those rare times when you do crash through red platforms or beat a level. The color schemes on the helix labyrinth do change with increasing levels, but there’s nothing other than the ball and the maze that you interact with on-screen, making this a very tedious game to partake in visually.

Thrill - 3.5/5

The simplicity in Helix Jump’s design shouldn’t fool you. Once you start, you’ll discover just how difficult this game is. You must time your drops perfectly, and it is a game of reflex as much as it is skill and luck. While this can provide some gratification over the short term, for a truly immersive gaming experience over a period longer than just a few rounds, Helix Jump might not suffice.

Controls - 4/5

The controls are simple, intuitive and monotonous. The only thing you need to do is swipe the screen left or right to change the direction of the landing platform. There are no up/down movements, and the ball isn’t player controlled. You should think about how to time more than three platform drops and take bigger chances to move faster. For this type of game, the controls are quite effective.


  • Minimalistic but enjoyable graphics;
  • With practice, you can learn how to play;
  • The controls get the job done adequately.


  • The game offers very little content;
  • Too many ads to watch.

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