Fortnite Review

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  • Version: 6.10.1
Nov 21, 2018


You wouldn’t believe it when Epic first announced that it was releasing a port of its battle royale game on mobile. Now, with almost 125 million players globally, Fortnite on mobile has exceeded all expectations and claimed the title of king of battle royale, all free to play.

Concept - 5/5

Fortnite mobile features 100 players battling it out to be the last man standing on an island with the playable area constantly reducing in size. This is similar to PUBG, with the major difference being the building mechanics that Fortnite introduces. The game lets you scavenge for items such as weapons, items and other things that will be useful as you hunt down enemies and try to keep yourself protected. You can build up walls, ramps, ceilings and anything else that the game mechanics will allow. Likewise, you can tear down anything in your path with a pickaxe and pick up resources like metal and wood, and enjoy shooting with a total of 19 categories of guns.

Visuals - 5/5

The game is a thing of beauty. In terms of graphics, Fortnite is as fluid on mobile as it is on console. It plays really well, despite reduced screen size. The size reduction does make taking shots or spotting an enemy from a distance that much harder. The game has a stable frame rate, although one or two glitches that distort the otherwise smooth experience have been spotted.

Thrill - 4/5

If you’ve played this game on PC or console, then this might feel like a step back for you. However, the game has been fully optimized for the touchscreen, specifically a smaller screen size. Even though it’s a port to mobile, the game still looks and plays like the old, beloved Fortnite. Building and crafting, on the other hand, are more of an acquired taste, and you may not level up comfortably against experienced players on other gaming platforms.

Controls - 4.5/5

In terms of intuition, the controls on mobile stack up nicely against those on more powerful platforms. Shooting is a bit of a drag, and the guns feel a little sluggish, quite unlike the firing mechanics in PUBG. All of the controls have been ported on-screen, so there are buttons for moving, crouching, swinging your pickaxe and crafting. This makes the game a little clunky, but at the same time makes the experience more intuitive and less gruelling on beginners.


  • Exciting and stunning visuals.
  • Relatively intuitive controls.
  • You can sync progress across one account for cross-platform play.


  • Weapons system lacks punch and realism.
  • Suffers from an occasional visual glitch.

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