Bowmasters Review

  • Size: 38.0 MB
  • Version: 1.0.5
Jan 01, 2019


The sight of Frenchman Ron “Gambler” happily shaking his pelvis after landing brutality on Kitsune is all you need to love this game. Bowmasters takes the darkness out of the fight, leaving an unforgettable experience behind.

Concept - 4/5

Think of this like a Mortal Kombat parody that serves good humor and glazes over detail. Don’t be fooled by the bright, cheery color and the loveable cartoons; this game is anything but cheerful. On two opposite ends of a 2D arena, you battle it out against an opponent, hurling projectiles in their vicinity and landing anything from fairly safe shots to outright deadly ones. The game features a nice character roster, 41 to be exact, all with different weapons and skills.

The game has a variety of modes. For example, you can play against friends, or play in tournaments to earn money. However, the game is entirely linear, and there’s no progression system even if you can land jaw-dropping shots. The fixed angle of play also makes your moves highly predictable after a while.

Visuals - 4.5/5

The cartoon-style graphics of this game ensure that there are no complaints about blood and gore, although you might want to keep kids, say under 8, away from the game simply because of its violent nature. Gameplay is from a 2D perspective, probably something to do with the projectile mechanics rather than the limitations the developers faced. The epic soundtrack accentuates pleasant visuals, although the lack of depth will get to you after a while.

Thrill - 4/5

Let’s just say this is a game that will help you relax and unwind anytime. There isn’t pressure to gain points, and the fighting is all too predictable as it’s the same nature with few things changing. Once in a while, you land a kill-shot that amazes you, and the brutality effects might just keep you around for longer. There is no weapon upgrade system, although you’ll have to play many iterations and varieties of different characters to learn what each offers and how each fares against the other.

Controls - 4/5

For a 2D game and one in which the battle is highly passive, the controls do work. It’s probably part of the game design to keep them simple, with just pulling or swiping back on your screen to give your weapon projectile power and adjusting the throw angle to aim. It’s fairly simple and works the same way for all the characters. Other than that, there isn’t much else to the controls aside from menus.


  • Has minimalist but creative visuals.
  • Has a wide array of characters and weapons they carry.
  • Has a great soundtrack.


  • Lacks enough content to keep you riveted.
  • Character skills are properly balanced.

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