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Feb 05, 2020

This hit online multiplayer buffet is an action game published by Miniclip. This super-simple but addictive arcade game does not have gameplay, but it is a social game. It is a fun game to play with a punky feel fitting with memes. After its launch on Google Play store, the game has quickly gained a lot of steam.

Concept – 3.5/5 is very simple to play. Players will simply move around as colored blobs to absorb others and get bigger, all while trying to escape from other big circles. It is an online multiplayer game, so players will always have many cells to play with. Once logged in, each gamer will start as a little circle floating around the game board to collect other miniature blobs. To enhance your power, you must grow your size by collecting more cells. has board games with a certain number of cells or players, where each opponent has a goal to absorb smaller ones to get bigger or avoid getting eaten by larger players. The game looks super simple, but you need a lot of patience when roaming around and escaping tricky situations. The size of your blob determines your speed; smaller ones move faster than the larger cells. Small players can take shelter behind viruses and help topple big opponents.

You can see the leaders by using the leaderboard button at the top right corner of the screen. With no end or winning levels, you can save your progress and continue playing across devices.

Visuals – 3.5/5

The design of is simple but compelling. Its Zen-like atmosphere widely appeals to the audience; a simpler world than where we live. With a simple design featuring a graph paper-like environment, playing the game from scratch does not really matter, which is why this game gets on a roll. In the simple world of, players tap into the most basic competition elements, and their primal glee is evoked by eating opponents. It all comes down to the fun and game mechanics than its visual appeal.

Thrill – 4.5/5

The premise of is surviving by becoming the largest blob on the board. Anyone can easily understand the mechanics; still, it is not easy to master right out of the gate. As you start as a small blob in a room that already has players, including the mature and massive cells. They have already mastered the controls, so you require a decent amount of attention to survive. You will always have people to chase or run from, and it is a super fun game to pass the time.

Controls – 4/5 controls are fairly easy to grasp. With its touch-based joystick, you can easily control the direction of your cell. The joystick works well most of the time. There are two buttons; the first one lets you split your big cell into two, allowing you to shoot the second small cell like a weapon to absorb other small players. With the help of this divide and conquer strategy, you can move faster, eat other players, and merge again into a big cell afterward. You can use the second button by tapping it repeatedly to reduce your size as you try to avoid getting eaten by other big cells. All you need is to survive and emerge as the biggest cell.

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