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The description of Gachaverse (RPG & Anime Dress Up)

As the World of Gacha continues spreading out and colonizing the universe, corruption is quickly resurfacing and plaguing the kingdom. Play the Gacha Summoner and use your powers to try and restore peace and quiet in the kingdom.

Concept - 4/5

Gachaverse is a role-playing game that takes you to a kingdom that continues expanding throughout the universe. However, there is a problem as the society is becoming corrupt by the day and unrest is in the air. As a Gacha leader, it is your task to bring things back to soundness. The storyline of Gacha World develops as you come across hundreds of new units who get to be your allies! In the Studio, you have the option of creating your custom anime characters and grooming them in your desired fashion wears! There is a wide range of outfit designs you can choose from when clothing your character. The Studio also allows you to change your surroundings by creating personalized scenes.

Visuals - 4/5

You will be met with that unmistakable visual style inherent to anything anime-related. The game graphics have been designed with incredible artistry, more so when it comes to the characters. The interface appearance has an aesthetic feel, ensuring that every interaction is pleasant. The screen does not appear congested as appropriate sizes have been used for different visual elements, and this enables you to locate control features on the screen easily.

Thrill - 3.5/5

This game is certainly exciting because there are diverse activities for you to engage in, starting from creating your characters to designing their outfits, discovering units which will eventually become your squads, and participating in battles. Looking at the replay value, whenever you feel like taking some time to relax, then Gachaverse is a game you certainly want to play because you will never get bored unless anime is totally not your thing.

Controls - 4/5

Gachaverse has well-positioned controls, which means it’s not laborious to interact with the interface at all. They are also easy to learn and don’t get convoluted as you keep playing. In different modes, you can use the same controls to perform different but related functions. This is important because you will not mistakenly use the wrong controls for something you wanted to do just because it’s in a different game mode.


  • Free to play;
  • You can create any scene you like in Studio Mode;
  • Cross-platform chat feature;
  • Possible to develop your own storylines.


  • Lags and glitches on some devices;
  • Contains irritating ads.


This is a great game and will only get better after the expected update where an RPG Battle system and new modes will be added. The virtual world of Gacha is highly dynamic, as you can potentially bring any idea into existence. The controls and the visuals will only give you a splendid user experience, and you will not hesitate to launch the game whenever you have some free time on your hands.

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Warren Santos

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Gachaverse (RPG & Anime Dress Up)

4 / 5
Latest Version: 0.7.7
Publish Date: 2018-10-16
Size: 93M